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Law Office of Lourdes Fuentes, PLLC

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Lourdes Fuentes can help you meet your organization’s diversity goals.  She has firsthand experience successfully meeting diversity goals of law firms and is viewed as an industry subject-matter expert.

Now more than ever it is essential for law firms to make their expressed commitment to diversity a reality.  Diversity is here to stay and delaying it will negatively impact your firm's bottom line.  There are several external factors encouraging law firms to diversify, including demands placed by clients, the diversity of corporate America, changing demographics of our country, need for varied points of view to solve complex issues in our shrinking world, greater interaction with international business partners, and needs of the new generation of law graduates who expect to work in a diverse and vibrant workplace. 


Most firms express a commitment to diversity but few have achieved long-term success.  Lourdes successfully increased diversity among lawyers in different firms and understands the various demands and challenges in achieving and maintaining diversity within a law firm.  She is available to assist your firm with practical instructions, including conducting an internal audit, concrete actionable steps for improving your diversity numbers, and setting measurable diversity goals.


She is a frequent presenter on diversity issues, including diversity strategies tied to measurable outcomes, cross-cultural business communication and market research on the impact of diversity. Her diversity involvement has been extensive, spanning over three decades. 


Lourdes is available for consultation on all diversity matters.





Law Office of Lourdes Fuentes, PLLC